Long Run Thursday - find me some new lakes

Plan: Run 10 miles, low heart rate.  Enjoy the route.

Route: I started at the downtown gym, and went out on the trails around Lake of the Isles and Cedar Lake.  I added a couple weird out and back sections because I wanted to make sure I was over 10 miles for the run.

Weather: So much sun.  But also, so much wind.  It was about 10mph out of the south or southeast.  At least it wasn't 20mph like Tuesday.
Wardrobe: Nike running capris, compression socks, a shirt and a quarter zip pull over.  I also wore sunglasses.

Execution: So much winning.  I tried to keep my heart rate in the low 140s.  I'm getting a bit more aggressive with the "low heart rate".  In the earlier runs, I'd try to keep myself in the high 130s, but this is much more fun. I kept my heart rate right where I wanted it.  I got frustrated running into the wind, though much of that was in the beginning of the run when I still had mental energy to keep myself together.

Nutrition: I carried chews and water.  I did drink some of the water, but didn't eat.  This run was after breakfast and lunch.

Bonus: I mean, the weather is the bonus.


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