Long Run Monday - Miracles can happen

Plan: I had almost no plan.  It's a miracle I got out the door today.  Once I'd started, I decided to see how well I could manage my heart rate.

Route: I did the Creek/River/Greenway loop.  I'm learning to love it.  I guess.

Weather: It was about 28*, winds supposedly out of the east, but I think ESE or SE maybe?  The winds were in my face at the beginning and then again at the end, but not much in between which was nice. I tried to take some of these pictures to remind myself how little snow I'm actually dealing with this winter.

Wardrobe: Fleece lined tights, wool socks with sock liners, a long sleeve shirt and sweatshirt, and a ear band and gloves.  Gloves were sometimes on and sometimes not. It got really cold the last block or two when I was walking straight into the wind.

Execution: I was slightly more aggressive with the heart rate than the last time I ran this route. I let it be around 142 vs the 138 I'd done last week.  And after mile 7, I just let the heart rate creep up.  I'm trying to be okay with these splits.

Nutrition: Before the run, I had yogurt and a banana.  I carried water and chews with me on the run, but I didn't have any.  Whatever, I'm sure I'd have been miserable without them.

Bonus: There's construction going on, on a bridge over the trail.  The road is closed to cars but for the moment, the trail is open to runners.  Apparently this lasts like all summer so we'll have to keep an eye on that.

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