TC 10 Mile - 4 Weeks to Go

This is a Step Back Week.  It was perfectly timed to coincide with my parents visit.  I am so glad I didn't have to fit in a long run while they were here.

Planned: Low mileage, low HR
Actual: 4.15 miles, Avg HR 133 (though honestly the HR was all over the place).  Bonus walk around Lake Harriet with the parents.

Planned: Low mileage, low HR
Actual: 4.15 miles with a friend.  This was a speedier run than I had planned, but I loved the company.  Zumba in the evening with Mom.

Planned: Low HR run, lift weights
Actual: 1.21 miles running, Avg HR 134.  60 mins elliptical.  TRX/Kettlebell class.  Foam roll. The trainer introduced the rowing machine today.  It was much harder the way she does it than the way I'd been doing it.

Planned: 1 mile run
Actual: 1.21 miles, Avg HR 132.  I just ran a 12:45 mile with a heart rate below 140! 

Planned: 6+ miles
Actual: 4.12 miles.  So many excuses in my head for doing a short run.  But really, it was a good run and I'm okay with it.

Planned: 1 mile run
Actual: 1.2 miles run.  Bonus walk at Palmer Lake with a friend. We saw a turtle and called it our spirit animal.

Planned: Constant speed 3x10 Mins, 4 mins recovery
Actual: Completed.  Laps were at 10:56, 10:59 and 10:52.  I found myself liking this workout a lot.  Bonus walk at Lake Calhoun with a friend.  Today we saw an Eagle and said that was our spirit animal.

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