Summer Track Workouts

The City of Water is on fire.  Almost literally.  So workouts are being done inside in the air conditioning. 

Workout: 7,6,5,4,3,2,1 - I've done this one before. I walked a w/u lap, the ran 7 laps (just over a mile), then walked 1 lap, ran 6 and so on. Total distance for the workout is 6 miles.

Heart rate: The first 7 laps of running were the only ones I cared about my heart rate.  After that, I just kind of let loose.

Pace: One of the few times my Garmin gets way off is running around the indoor track without GPS.  Garmin just can't deal.  I think my interval paces were faster than 11:00/mile except the first two sets.  My last pace was closer to a 9:00/mile based on the times on my watch.  Anything Garmin says is a bit slow on this one.

My attitude: Ok, I was a grump.  Absolute grump.  Before the workout I wanted to stay in bed.  During the workout I wanted to be done.  But then after the workout I was glad I put in the work and felt much better.

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