Sunday Long Run - Sun and wind around the lakes

I have an odd week before me.  My only option was to do my long run this morning.  Because of other plans, I got up at 6am to go for the run.  I surprised even myself by actually getting up for my alarm.

Plan: Keep a loooow heart rate until at least Bryant Ave (roughly mile 2, and the top of that big hill).  Try to keep the low heart rate magic going for as long after that as possible.  Have fun.

Route: I added a bit of mileage to another route I've run often. (This day for example.)  This time, I went around Lake Harriet before heading up to Calhoun and the Greenway.

Weather: Winds were out of the NNE at 10mph, though I would've sworn it was closer to 20mph.  Running up the side of Calhoun was challenging, but the last mile or two felt really nice.  It was about 45*.  I wore capris, short sleeve and long sleeve shirts and was fine.

Execution: Biggest WIN ever.  The whole time I was telling myself: When I started heart rate training, I was running a 15:00 mile with a heart rate above 150.  Now I was down in the 13s and my heart rate was mostly below 143 until I got on the Greenway.  Wheels had to fall off the wagon somewhere.  My long term goal is to be able to run much faster than this.  Today's workout was definitely a step in the right direction.

Nutrition: I carried gummies with me.  I had some at miles 4, 8, and the end of the run.  I carried water mixed with juice but didn't drink much.  It wasn't a hot run and I didn't feel terribly thirsty.

Bonus: Saw this Pileated Woodpecker.  I always hear them but I almost never see them. 

Bonus 2: I did a 'finisher' at the end.  11:00 more work.  Then I stretched and cooled down to a yoga video. 

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