Long Run - Taper

I'm racing Saturday. I wanted to do a long-ish run this week, but not a really long run ahead of the half-marathon.  Also, I believe this is day one of the Runner's World Run Streak.  Welcome to the summer streakers.

Plan: 8 miles.  Heart rate is actually less important on this run.  The race is going to be anaerobic, some of the training should be too right?

Route: I've done this route before, but Strava said it's been almost a solid year since the last time I went this way.

Weather: It was in the 60s and humid.  I was using this as a test case for Saturday.  There was some sunshine and some clouds.  It made me realize if Saturday is any warmer, it will hurt.

Execution: I really didn't look at my heart rate much after mile 3. I just had fun with it.  I really had myself questioning what pace I should run on Saturday with the heat and the hills.  It may be one of those "just go hard and do what feels good" kind of races after all.

Nutrition: I did not eat before I ran and I did not carry anything with me.

Bonus: No pictures, but I did do another finisher like last week.  Then I lay outside in the grass to stretch.  I can't stretch inside in my living room right now because it's been swallowed by new floor boards.

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