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Tuesdays on the Run asks all about race shirt etiquette.

As a back of the pack runner, I feel strongly that race directors should give shirts at packet pick up instead of after the race.  One of my favorite organizations, Twin Cities in Motion gives out 10-mile and Marathon finisher shirts after the race in the finisher chute.  I was pretty hacked off when and they didn't have a shirt for meThe 10 Mile race is a lottery and it sells out every year.  You knew how many shirts you needed.

"Finisher" Shirts - I get that these shirts say finisher, and should therefore be earned.  But poor planning on the race directors part means that the slower finishers (who've probably been practicing for months and months and months) get screwed out of something they worked really hard for.  It's such a head game to be in the back of the pack anyways.  It sucks to show up at the finish line and hear "well if you'd gotten here sooner..."

To answer the original question - the only time I think I'd wear a race shirt at the race is if I did same day packet pick up, no bag check for my stuff, and I didn't have time to run back to my car to drop the shirt.  In that case, I'd probably throw it on over whatever else I'm wearing and hope it's not too hot.

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