Long run on paved trails - Baker Park Reserve

Long run Tuesday - this is a new thing for me.  Actually reading some older posts made me believe I could do a long run after work and survive the experience.  I remember this run as one of my most favorite experiences ever.  I tried for the repeat today.

Plan: Two loops?  Maybe just 11 miles?  Maybe 10?  10 miles sounds good, so out five and back five.  And then, at the end of that, I'd like to go to TRX Kettlebell class and survive the experience.  

Route: I was figuring on an out and back on the paved trail.  I know the trail goes in a loop, but I was thinking the loop itself was too big for two circuits.  Out and back is what happened.  I got to 4.75 miles and was at the top of a hill.  I was all "no way am running a quarter mile down just to run back up"

Weather: Big part of the reason I'm doing a long run on Tuesday.  It was 60*, partly sunny and windy.  I see rain and other junk in the weather for pretty much every other day this week and the temperature is going to drop a lot too.

Execution: I did a really good job of keeping my heart rate in check for like the first seven miles.  I was proud of that because there were a lot of hills.  Then I got hot and tired and wanted to be done and went a little nuts.  Whatever.  I had a good time.   Ultimately I decided to forgo TRX Kettlebell class in favor of not puking on anyone. But it was a great run and I was happy for all the time out on the trails.

Nutrition: The weak link tonight was my stomach.  I carried a bottle of water and some chews with me.  The next race I'm running has water every 2.5 miles so that's how I tried to drink and eat.  But my stomach was not having it.  Like, not even the water when it was 60* and sunny.  My stomach was in a full on knot by the end.  Not good times.

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