January 2015 Monthly Totals

Run: 84.776666
Walked: 14.316666
Elliptical: 12.5
Bike: 0 
Total: 111.59

Stretch: 69
Zumba: 460
Weights/Row: 176
Finisher/Circuit: 60
Spin: 210

What Worked Well: I'm really liking going to the downtown gym on Sundays.  Running outside this January just has not worked like last year, so finding a quiet place to work out in January has been fantastic.  The runs that have been outside have been nice, particularly the 10 miler.

What Could Go Better: My down week was way down.  I was just so tired I couldn't move at all.

Biggest Surprise: Why am I so tired?!?  Also, I've been lazy on wearing the heart rate monitor sometimes.  (Like today?) 

Plan for February: Run at least a mile every day.  Have fun on the long runs and have fun in Florida.