Running Fail - being lost doesn't usually make me this grumpy!

I did run my mile today, but I kept thinking it would never get done.

Sand Dunes: Not for Runners.  And not for the reasons you'd think.  It's a long story why I tried to run here.  The major selling point was a parking lot and a place to change into my running gear.  The major drawback turned out to be the burrs and hitchikers.  I mean the crazy painful type.  Apparently these trails really aren't groomed?  I went about 0.2 miles before turning around and going back to the car.  I surrender.

Next: I started heading back towards the cities with a plan to stop and run along the Rum River Trail.  I was in Elk River when, lo and behold, I saw a runner.  I was all 'I'll go where he's going'.

Woodland Trails Park.  This seemed like a good idea and it even had grass trails.  Wrong!  I got so lost and turned around.  Something with so few acres really shouldn't have that many trails.  I did fit my mile in here, running between .82 miles and 1.86 miles on my app without stopping.  But it was slow and frustrating.  Where the hell am I!?!  I found a Rail-Trail as part of the park and decided that if I ever come back, I'm going to stay on the asphalt trails and learn my way around the park before off-roading again.  It looks like some of the trails are groomed or managed in some way for winter hiking, so I'll have to give it another chance when I'm not in a pissy mood about not knowing where I am.  Shout out here to Endomondo, Google Maps and the Compass app on my phone for keeping me out of any real trouble.

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