Running Cincinnati

There's not too terribly much I want to say about my trip home.  It had some definite highs but some lows as well.  Running was definitely a bright spot, so I will talk about the crazy hills there.  There is literally no flat space there. 

Wednesday: 3.3 mile run, stop at coffee shop, 1 mile walk home.  This is the profile for the entire trip.

Thursday: 6.3 miles.  Hilly which was hilarious because Mom assured me it was flat.  That stuff in the middle was about as much fun as it looks like.

Friday: 1.25 mile run, just enough to keep the streak alive.

Saturday: 6.3 miles, again.  This time at least I knew it was going to be hilly.

Sunday: 1.5 miles run.  I was worn out.

Monday: 7.65 miles run.  2.8 mile walk in the woods with Mom and Dad.  This was a hard run.  I did not use my heart rate monitor, but still took walk breaks in places I knew I should.  This is the profile for the run only.

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