4.3 Miles - to Downtown

Today started out with me eating popcorn for breakfast, feeling undernourished, and then purchasing a new dishwasher.  It was rough and by the afternoon, I was really ready for a run.

Run: I'd kept threatening to run from my house to the gym downtown and today felt like the day to actually drop the hammer.  I didn't run on the Greenway or out by the lakes, just straight up to downtown.  It's different running in the city because there's so many people on the sidewalk who are not running or walking for fitness.  I found them an excellent distraction.  The other striking distance is the stop lights every couple of blocks.  Those really slowed me down but ultimately I was glad for the break.  Because it's almost all uphill to get to downtown. Who knew?

Spin: I've renamed the teacher 'Dungeon Master' because someone already called her Satan and she didn't like that nickname.  Not kidding.   Today we did workout #1.  I'm trying to keep track of workouts 1-9 and which ones are the worst torture.  Don't tell her but I found this one challenging but possible, just shy of absolute torture.  I think she took out the jumps for me because I really hate those.  Does it hurt anyone else to come out of the saddle on a spin bike or is it just me?

Brick: To get home from Spin, I have a very tight bus connection so I ran a few more blocks and then walked the last one or two to get to the bus stop.  It really seemed like a lot of people got on the bus with me.  Then the driver said "the bus before me was a no show; but for the record, I am on time".  That bus showed up about 10 minutes later and we leap-frogged with him most of the route from there on. 

Really, it hurts my body to come out of the saddle on the bike.  Am I doing something wrong?
What should my heartrate be for a Spin class?  Was I working hard enough?
 I'm trying to find an app that can handle data from a heart rate monitor while I'm on a stationary bike.  Any recommendations?

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