Well hello...

Yes, I've been away for a while.  Lack of blogging is usually an indicator of my mental and physical health.   My prolonged absence was honestly a bit of both.  I was so blah and sick for a while that I wasn't really running, and then when I got back into running a bit, I was a head case for a while and so not writing.  Right now I find myself in the middle of the Runner's World Summer Run Steak so I thought I'd try writing about every run from now until the end of the streak. 

Run: I had a quick short out and back run, just as a rain storm started.  I went 2.3 miles, fairly slowly, which was fine with me.

Strength: I use that world loosely because I'm not sure what else to call it.  I did a Finisher of squats, lateral jumps (left+right = 1), low impact;  standing leg raises; single leg dead lift - no weights because I was working on ankle strength; standing bicycles, and it was tough.  It took about 16 minutes.  I was glad I did it though.  

My goal right now with runs is to keep them nice and even, and keep a mostly even heart rate (even though I didn't wear my heartrate monitor today).  My goal with strength right now is working on lateral leg strength and balance.  And my next race, a 10-miler, is in 2 weeks.  I am wildly under-prepared and am secretly hoping the course will be flooded out.

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