Lazy Sunday

Running: the streak continues, but that's about it.  I declared today a Rest Day and only ran 1.25 miles, just enough to keep the streak alive.  Instead I had a bit of time to do laundry and clean, and lots of relaxing and eating.  I talked to Nathan and met his family, and got to talk to Mom and Dad on Facetime.

Breakfast:  I went with a neighbor and his family to Hell's Kitchen.  I had the Bison Benedict.  The food that was on my plate was excellent but for $15, there should have been two poached eggs, not one. 

Farmer's Market: We headed over to the Farmer's Market and I grabbed some fresh strawberries.  On the way home, Nathan showed me the flooding at Minnehaha Creek and Cedar Ave which is crazy impressive.  We drove through standing water which is just not normal.

Dinner: I had a strong desire for some grilled squid, so we went to Kyatchi which has crazy good food.  The beef melted in my mouth and the grilled squid was fantastic as always.  I was sad they were out of donuts for desert, but it's okay, I had plenty of food without that.

Dessert: We headed across the street to Five Watt Coffee, where we'd been once before.  It was busy inside, nice to see on a Sunday night. I had what is apparently called "the Kingfield".  The first time we went in there I told the guy, "I usually just like a straight up latte, no sugar, no flavors" and he said "we make our own vanilla syrup here, I'm going to make you something I think you'll like".  When I came back tonight and described it, they told me the name of the drink.  It is crazy good.  Not super sweet, but a nice flavor.  I'm excited this shop is doing so well because it's a cool place to hang out.

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