Happy Pride!

If I knew how to put rainbows on this blog, I would.  This weekend was Pride Weekend and my first time ever for going to the festival.  I was invited to go yesterday but my couch made a better offer.  

The only thing I knew about Pride ahead of time was not to drive there.  I checked the bus schedule but on a Sunday nothing was going to work so I got on my bike and headed up.  First Avenue is way more pleasant for biking on the weekends than at rush hour.  And that's even including all the cars legally parked in the bike lane.  Which is a stupid design.  But I digress.  Pride even had a bike corral for me to stash my bike.  It wasn't as crowded as I expected, probably owing to the billions of other bike racks in the neighborhood along the edge of the park.

The event itself was about like I expected.  I loved all the rainbows, and was really proud to see so many Minnesota companies in the mix.  The thing to do seemed to be walking around talking to people in booths and eating food, which is pretty much what we did.  To be clear, Walk-a-taco is fine, but Los Ocampos is way better.  Sorry Maggie.  The lemonade was my favorite and a big hit today because of the heat.

After Pride, I biked home and ran my mile.  Now I know why they call it a brick workout.  My legs did indeed feel heavier than rocks. I'd planned to go 2-3 miles but my stomach made it quite clear that 1.25 miles was plenty.  Will we ever be at peace?  For the evening entertainment, we headed to Lake Harriet to watch the Minneapolis Pops play what turned out to be their first concert of the season.  The concert started at 5:30pm and we sat in full sun in 89* temps.  I am so screwed up from this winter that the head didn't even bother me. 

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