Weekend Workouts: Sick

I was sick most of the week.  I did keep the streak alive but most days I really only ran a mile.   I had an ishy sick feeling from the tetanus shot that turned into a soar throat that turned into a wicked cough and crap in my lungs.  I really was only running 1 to 2 miles per day.  It felt good to get up and go a bit.  But then I ran out of breath and it felt good to stop too, so the distance was perfect.  I finished up the week with a year long low of 13.84 miles, including a 3 mile walk on Saturday.

I am feeling much better. The crazy cough that plagued me is almost gone (fingers crossed) and I'm getting back some energy.  I still feel this crap in my lungs, so I will re-introduce running distances more than a mile slowly.  In the mean time, enjoy pictures from some special guests.

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