Weekend Workouts: See if I ever get a tetanus shot again

This week involved two separate days of people poking me and shit.  The first one was some thing for work that everyone told me I should do becuase it gives me a discount on my health insurance.  Whatever.  Let the vampires take my blood.  The second was my doctor visit where I agreed they could give me a tetanus shot since my last one was ten years ago.  Yeah.  I feel like garbage.  I knew I was in bad shape when I went for a run Saturday morning and at a 12:50 mile, my heart rate was around 160bpm.  What the hell?  I guess that thing about "your heart rate can tell you when your sick" is kind of true.

Here's a breakdown of how the whole week went.  Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were recovering from the super fun half-marathon I ran on the previous Saturday.  And I have no idea why the tetanus shot voodoo waited until Friday afternoon to strike, I got shot Thursday morning.

On the other hand, Friday morning was an excellent run.  And I'm happy to welcome Farmer's Market Saturdays back into my life was well.

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