Sick, injured and grumpy

My advice to everyone is stay the hell away from the doctors office.  I went there in the beginning of May and I haven't been the same since.  Here's a brief timeline of events:
  • May 1: Doctor appointment, tetanus shot updated.  I am advised that 'fever and chills may be a side effect.  Awesome.
  • May 2-3: Is that the fever they were talking about?
  • May 3-4: I don't think they mentioned a cough.
  • May 5-9: This is a really bad cough.  And now I'm sneezing.
  • May 11-17: I'm coughing less but sneezing more.  Wait. No.  The coughing is back.
  • May 18: Today I learned it's possible to strain rib cage muscles from coughing too hard.  Excellent.
  • May 18-25: I'm actually taking allergy medication.  It seems to be working.  My ribs still hurt.
And that is why I haven't written anything in forever.  Because I almost broke my ribs coughing too hard.  I can barely run without pain and I'm grumpy as shit.  The ribs are feeling better today, and only having shooting pain when I do stupid things.  And I'm sure it's a strain.  I think there's not nearly enough pain for them to actually be broken.

Instead of me telling you about all the days I ran a mile this week, have some pictures instead:

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