Weekend Workouts: Spring is Cancelled

I'm starting to remember what is was like to have Mondays be my day off.  I think I was just having a hard week because I wanted to sleep Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  And by Monday I both wanted to sleep and felt guilty for such a desire.  Sigh.  Back to the three day weekends I guess.

Sunday I'm sure I had planned to do some crazy long run.  Whatever I had planned, did not work out.  Instead, I ran 2 miles, up and down the street in front of my house.  I am so over snow and ice.  After the run I spent a solid 20 minutes stretching out.  Whatever I'd done at the gym the day before really caught up to me.

Monday I really had the best of intentions to do a long run.  I failed miserably here.  Instead I slept most of the morning, went to the dentist at 2:30 and bought a new bed during the evening. I remember managing to run a mile and not being too happy about it.  I was so 'blah' I didn't even take a picture.  Sorry.

Tuesday I had come back to myself somewhat.  I got up early and ran 6 miles.  Goal of the workout was a slow and steady run.  Mission Accomplished I'd say.  Afterwards I had a nice foam roll before going to work.

Wednesday I had a long workout.  I did a six mile run on the track.  I think my iPhone was drunk the first 30 minutes or so.  Otherwise I have no explanation for this graph.  After running a full six miles (no matter what the graph says), I had an hour workout on the elliptical, and a cool down walk on the track.  After the workout I did 12 minutes of stretching and later that night I did 20 more.  So this was my "long run" of the week.  I'm so over the cold weather.

Thursday was a wild day.  I went to 6am Body Pump.  There's like no one in that class.  I even had time for a long foam roll afterwards.  At the end of the day I went for a run on the Greenway. I didn't have any intention of doing a 'tempo run' (I use that term loosely here), but once I got into it, I just kept moving and feeling good so I went with it.  I had a long cool down after the run, then tried to do Zumba.  Zumba just wasn't the right move for me after the harder running workout.  I started to get sick about half way through so I left. 

Friday I didn't want to get up early, and wasn't feeling a run anyways, so I waited until after work.  I ran my mile and walked a block or two and called it good.  Yes.  My hair is in a pony tail, because it was a hot mess when I woke up.  Later that day I got my hair cut with a new stylist and when I let the pony down she was all "Wow!  You have a lot of hair tucked in there."  I was all "no freaking kidding".

Saturday I badly wanted to go to Zumba but I just wasn't feeling it.  Instead I turned off my alarm, slept in all morning, and went to the gym towards the end of the day.  I ran my descending ladder workout and actually kept track of my pace this time.  I have dreams of having a 10:00 pace for a 10K so that was the goal pace for the workout (other than the mile warm up).  Interestingly, it got a bit challenging to hold the pace in the middle sets.  In the last couple sets, I seemed to find my natural stride and pace and feel good again.  Note the new shoes.   Yet another pair with a long breaking in period and needing several attempts at proper lacing so they don't attack my feet.  It's getting better.  One or two more adjustments should have it.

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