Workout Monday: Reasons to workout in the snow

I broke one of my cardinal rules as a professional.  I broke the rule in a big way.  And wound up paying for it.  The rule is 'no visits or meetings on re-entry day after a long absence from work'. Instead of doing zero, I had three scheduled in one day. I immediately regret this decision. 

7:15am - my alarm went off; I rolled out of bed grudgingly.  Remember, I went to bed at 8:50pm the night before.  Because I love long car trips.

7:30am I was out the door, and by 8am I was where I was supposed to be.

8:15am is when I heard "and they're coming back to spray for bed bugs" so 9:15am is when I wound up back at home, stripped naked with all my clothes, my coat and my bag in my bathtub, about to be loaded into a washing machine with very hot water.

10:30am is when I had to leave for the next trip.  I turned the dryer to hot and let it run for 2 hours, so we're all good.  That next thing ended around 12pm and I was back home by 12:30 to get my clothes out of the dryer.

1:00pm is when I had to be back at the office for the third thing that day.  I lost my mind sometime after that.  I wound up working over 10 hours that day.

And then my running partner had an injury and had to bail.  I f*cking hate this day!  I wound up heading out for a run on my own, on a loop that's just over a mile.  I told the receptionist, who works really late on Mondays, to look for me by a certain time.  If it was miserably slushy I'd do one lap and if it was good I'd do two laps.  Turns out running was the best part of the day.  It was slushy but just on the main street I run on and that's only a couple blocks.  Once I could run in the snow itself I had good traction and started to calm down.  Also, Christmas lights are being put up and that makes me happy.

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