Thankful Saturday: New Running Workout

I tried a new workout with my Endomondo App.  I finally paid up for the pro version of the app.  (This is somehow different from a premium membership to the webiste.)  The pro version of the app has interval workouts and today I tried the Pyramid workout.  The app told me to warm up, when to run hard and when to run easy.  I had no walk breaks.  The audio coach is a bit annoying because it was telling me half way through the running intervals and for a 30 second interval, that was a bit excessive.  Still, glad I tested it out and will probably use the feature again.  Here's what it looks like:

After the workout I did some laundry and hung out for the morning.  We took lots of pictures, including the most recent one of all three of us, and an hysterical fail of my mom about to sneeze.  In the afternoon we headed over to the museum to see Mountain ManNo, I am not kidding.  Nor have I ever seen so many beards north of the Mason Dixon line.  After that my parents headed back to their own home.  I headed back to the couch to watch Ohio State play and then took a nap.

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