Friday Run at Lake Nokomis

Friday I felt like I was losing my mind.  I'd finally had enough of running inside.  I made the choice to head down to Lake Nokomis where at least the path is plowed and run around the lake a couple of times.  It was 15* and 10mph winds.  I hate the wind.  Below a before and after shot from the run.  On the 'after' all the skin on my face that's red is where I couldn't feel it.  Brrr.

This was a "just see how it is" kind of run. Because of the way things were plowed, one direction of the path was much better than the other.  I was able to do two laps and be running on the good side of the path most of the time.  I'm loving my new trail shoes for this kind of running.  Even though they are made of mesh, my feet never get cold, which just seems wrong.  I'm not complaining though; I think my face being so cold more than made up for it.  There were some other people out there with me; one running, a few walking dogs, and some walking with friends.  I saw tracks for at least one bike as well.  Yowza!  This was a 'no music' kind of run, but I did manage to take some pictures before my phone died.  Has anyone else notice the iPhone 5 totally not work in the cold?

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