Sunday At the Farmer's Market

I live in between a couple different farmer's markets but Kingfield Farmer's Market is my primary market.  It's number 3 on City Pages Top 10 Farmer's Markets in the cities.  Normally I go around 9am or 930am and it's pretty empty.  Through a weird series of events, I didn't make it until around 10am.  What a difference 30 minutes can make!  It was packed.

I looked around for a while, enjoyed the music, and got strawberries and bacon.  Not at the same stand. Some of my favorite vendors are the bacon and egg people, Gardens of Eagan, and these guys sold me strawberries this morning.   The food trucks and stalls seem really popular, especially with kids.  There's ice cream and some breakfast foods and the Chef Shack has all of its awesomeness.  I am not typically a patron.  The food trucks are high priced in my opinion.  (Not saying overpriced, but definitely high priced.)  I try to save my money for the awesome food I can bring home and eat all week. 

A while ago some nerd did some research about farmer's markets.  They found that locally grown fruits and veggies are less expensive than similar items at the grocery store.  Locally grown proteins tend to be more expensive than similar items at the grocery store.  I've found that to be basically true.  For reasons that I'm sure someone can explain to me, locally grown strawberries are also wicked more expensive than things at the local store, even organic.  The bacon is awesome enough that I pay extra for it.  It's good bacon and well butchered, which I didn't even know could be a thing until I had it.  The strawberries I only get once or twice a year.  They don't stay in season long.

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