Seven Miles - What Does a Runner's High Feel Like?

That phrase "run like someone is chasing you" totally applied to my workout today.  "Run likes clowns are chasing you" and "Run like zombies are chasing you" are also acceptable, but today it was just some dude.

Warm Up: I tried a dynamic warm up that I'd read about over here.  I really liked it and I didn't think I would.  I read the warm up last night and forgot the 'knee to chest' and the 'figure 4' but I did everything else on her list.  My favorite is the 'trail leg' warm up.  It really loosened up the hips nicely.

Run! I had to do seven miles today because it was on my schedule and also I needed to burn enough calories to have Chipotle later on in the day.  I wanted to take it faster than my long runs but didn't have a specific goal in mind other than 'go a little hard'.  When I came on to Lake Nokomis there was a dude running on the bike path, sort of parallel to me running on the pedestrian path.  So, yes, I took it as something of a personal challenge to go faster than the dude.  It took a while to catch and then pass him and then in another half mile or so he'd peeled off the lake but I was flying by then.  I was shocked when my app came on and read some of the mile splits I was running.  I hadn't meant to go that fast because I didn't think it was possible.  But I was all "I'll keep going like this until I want to stop".  Nice to get a runner's high every once in a while.

Don't poop your pants! As is the motto at the end of so many of my runs, I was flying along until the last mile.  Then I slowed down because I had to poo.  So long Runner's High!  I did not poop my pants but my plans for a quick ab session and then a nice cool down and stretch where dashed.  Sigh.

Pictures  Since I kept up such a break neck pace, I did allow a couple of pictures.  The moon was setting over Lake Hiawatha as the sun was coming up and it was pretty amazing.  And then there's the egret fishing.  I think that egret lives at the lake because I see it fishing there all the time.

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