Minneapolis: To Rain or Not To Rain.

It was a tale of two cities today.  Almost.  I'd headed over to Lake Nokomis for a 4-miler.  it was a gorgeous day, around 70*, slight breeze and gorgeous sky and clouds.  When I got out of the car I looked behind me and saw Armageddon coming my way.   I couldn't believe it.  See the weather picture below; top two panels are standing in the exact same spot near the lake, one looking west and one looking northeast.

Instead I headed over to the gym for a quick workout.  I didn't bring earphones since I'd planned to be running outside, so I had to make up a workout I could do on the track without earphones and still be okay.  I did an old workout, the 6-5-4 workout that I used to do when I was teaching Nancy to run.  It winds up being 3 miles.  I took a bit of time to do some planks, and then took a long time to stretch and foam roll. 

I headed back outside to go to the store and again, the day just couldn't make up it's mind.  Bottom two pictures are sitting at a stop light (the light was red, calm down) on Lake Street. Storms are looking east and clear skies are looking north. 

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