Long Cincinnati Trip - the Highlights

Wednesday - showing up in Cincinnati where it was 80* whilst a snow storm was brewing at home.  Suck it Minnesota.  Also Jazzercise with Mom.

Thursday - Hanging out with Dad, Grandma, and my cousins who are moving to California at the end of the month.  The drive down the Appalachian Highway and US-52 is beautiful.

Friday - Green Dog Cafe, Packet Pickup, Ault Park, Skyline and Playhouse in the Park, even if the play didn't sit quite right with me.

Saturday - 10K, 5K, and dinner at Ruth's house.  Also, Mom and Dad as the cheering squad.

Sunday - Half Marathon PR after the previous day of racing. Hanging out with more cousins and Aunts and Uncles.

Monday - My mom bought an iMac.  That was our Mother's Day celebration.  Afterwards I tried to get all the crap off the old computer.  It was dying before my eyes.

Tuesday - I set up the iMac for Mom and got all of her data transferred, got the time machine set up, the internet working, and the rats nest of cords resolved.  Then I came back to Minnesota which was suddenly warmer than Ohio.

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