Vacation Wednesday - Day 6

Wake Up - That air mattress wasn't as comfortable as mine normally is.  My side feels weird.

Hang out with Grandma - Grandma was telling me that my cousin's husband wanted to see some of my Dad's paintings and would I please take some pictures and email them over.  We headed to the basement and I let Grandma pick out her favorites.  For reference, the Ohio River bridges painting is my favorite too.  Any true Minnesotan will be able to identify the other painting.  Here's a cheat for the rest of you.
Mom, Grandma and I also practiced changing the light bulbs in the new ceiling fans.  It's apparently a more involved process than we could've imagined.  First we had to figure out how to get the light cover off which involved seeking out the owners manual.  I was on a ladder for quite some time with my arms over my head.  Only to find out we didn't have the right size bulbs.  It wore me out.


Run - the weather was getting ishy out so I went out for a quick mile before lunch.  The roads were fine but the sidewalks were slush filled.  It was one of those where all I had to do was look at the snow to melt it; wet and lots of puddles.

Drive - Grandma was ready to go home.  Truth be told, Grandma was ready to go home straight from Dayton the night before, but it was really time.  Even though it was snowing in Cincinnati, the weather was better in Grandma's direction so Dad obliged.  Dad was feeling like crap and asked if I'd come along.  His throat was so dry we didn't really talk much.  I was sad because I'd wanted to talk to him about my recent 'relationship' fiasco, but I never really got up the nerve.  I don't want to talk to Mom about it at all but I imagine Dad would have something both comforting and encouraging to say; just something nice to let me know he loved me and still thinks I'm a good person.  Sigh.  Maybe next time.

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