Sunday Run - FOG

I had very good intentions today to get out and do a bike ride, especially when the forecast called for 50* and sunny.  At 1pm when it was still 36* and 97% humidity (no, I am not kidding) I decided I wasn't really equipped to bike in that, nor would it be that fun, but I could go out for a run.  (This I know how to dress for.)  I was like pea soup fog.  Serious.  There were some other runners out because this level of humidity doesn't bother us when the temperatures are lower.

I headed up over Lake Hiawatha and got some good pictures.  There were bluebirds that were the size of a softball.  Either that or their feathers were all puffed out to keep them warm.  The geese were all in the middle of the lake.  It was really pretty.

Around mile 2 I decided this seven mile run needed to be a 4 mile run because that's how awesome I've been feeling lately.  An upset stomach and mind that's completely unable to concentrate on anything are side effects from me not being able to get a handle on everything in my life.  It's fantastic.  I skipped Lake Nokomis and headed home.  When I got there I realized the fountain is thawing out a bit so maybe they'll get it emptied tomorrow.   See here for a picture of how it looked last Sunday.

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