2012 - Favorite Pictures

January: Minnehaha Creek (frozen); Running in Miami Beach; my favorite companion in Miami Beach; and Lake Hiawatha (also frozen)

February: a surprise trip to Cincinnati to see some of my favorite people; Lake Calhoun (see, still frozen)

March: Running at Ft Snelling, still some snow; working out at the gym and watching a pow wow practice; Lake Nokomis (no longer frozen, end of the month), natural light at church

April: Grandma turns 90 and has a party; I got to Kansas to run in the heat and there's a big party (something about basketball)

May: Yellow Room at the Guthrie; Sailboats at Lake Nokomis; Rain on Water Lillies (one of the last times we'll see rain)

June: Thunder Bay is the easiest place in the world to photograph; everything looks good.  Everything looks better at sunset.

July: Did I say Thunder Bay was easy to photograph?  I meant Colorado.  Everything in Colorado looks good.  Also, Qat Lady was hungry.

August: it stopped raining by August and the weather was awesome both here and along the Ragnar Relay course.

September: Get ready for the marathon.  Also, short trip home to Cincinnati to celebrate my parents birthdays.  The second picture is the Ohio River (not the Mississippi)

October: Fall tried to begin.  I ran a marathon.  Also, there was a corn maze.

November:  I thought every weekend was going to be my last bike ride ever, so I got tons of good pictures when I was out.

December: The Union Depot day was a really hard day emotionally.  I still remember it which should tell you how awesome it was.  Nonetheless, it does have some of my favorite pictures of the entire year.  The snow run was less hard emotionally and I'm happy I got out the good camera for the occasion.  The final picture may be my favorite of the entire year.




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