Monday Snow Run

6:50 - Lamp lit up and the alarm went off.
6:50:03 - I'm all "screw this; I'll run my mile after work"
6:52 - I am lulled out of bed for other reasons and grudgingly put on my running gear to get this crap over with.
6:55 - What the Hell?  There's a layer of snow on the ground.  I ran my mile anyways.  It wasn't the fastest mile ever because I couldn't run around corners too fast.  Otherwise the footing was fine. 
Also, my shoe came untied.  It does that all the time and it drives me nuts.  Yes, I know how to tie my shoes.  It seems to be these particular laces, which are a flat lace, come untied easier than the fat round laces to which I've become accustomed.  Even with a double knot. 


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