Long Run Friday

I ran 10 miles today. I was kind of nervous about that distance since (I'm embarrassed to say) I haven't done a 10 miler since before the half-marathon. And I was happily surprised at how good I felt.

This route, much like the marathon route has a bear of a hill that comes right at the end. The only way I got up it this morning without walking was by promising myself water at the top. I'm not sure I've ever shared my 10-mile route, here it is, just in case. It takes me along Minnehaha Parkway and Minnehaha Creek which is nice and shady, and then around Lake Harriet. The number of sail boats on Lake Harriet has like trippled since the last the I was there (which was last Saturday by the way). Or maybe I didn't notice them then. They were all parked along the shore. Between the sail boats and the bandshell and the sunrise, it was a gorgeous run.

This was also the first 10-miler where I've actually brought food with me. Did you know they sell little single serving bags of sour patch kids all year round, not just at Halloween? They do. And it turns out, around mile 5 or 6, that's just what I need to punch my blood sugar way back up. Nice.

I did have to go to work today, pretty much directly after I got done running. But I did treat myself to Chipotle, with lots of chicken and beans, to give my body some protein and I took a nap when I got home.

Now, sadly, I have to go to the YWCA (I know, the same day I did a long run) because I need to go these next few days to achieve the "good behavior" discount as I call it. I can't figure out what I'm going to do when I get there. It's 90* so the hot tub sounds not at all appealing. Neither does walking, or lifting weights, and cardio is out for obvious reasons. I might just get in their big pool and float around a bit. I just need to show up to get the discount. But I feel stupid checking in and leaving a few minutes later.


Elliptical... Wow

It's hot in Minnesota. Like Heat Advisory hot. So, I've been mildly fairly intimidated to run outside. I'm keeping up the work though.

Sunday, also my birthday, Beth and Jenna ran me around Lake Nokomis and let me walk up a hill for my birthday. Nice. Then, Bonnie acted as my personal shopper at Macy's. Some people have the gift of being able to look at clothes on a hanger and just know how they will look on a person. Kelly and Amanda also seem to have that gift. I do not. (It's ok, I have other gifts. I use my friends for this.) We picked out two tops and a pair of pants. I picked out a lot of brown, especially a lot of brown for Kelly not being there.

Then, I cooked. Well, first I bought a boatload of produce at the co-op. Then I cooked. And cooked. And cooked. I made Wheatberry Lentil Salad a stand by meal I make at least once a month and freeze. Obviously, I do not use tomatoes. Zuccini freezes well and I use that as a tomato replacement. Cucumber can also be used, but it doesn't freeze well. It get's slimy. Then, I made several servings of Honey Almond Chicken. I was advised the longer I ran, the more meat I needed to eat. (Speaking of food, I still haven't eaten dinner.) I thought this Tangy Cauliflower Salad would go nicely as a side with the chicken. It is perhaps my favorite meal I cooked. Yum

Monday I worked. I remember sitting at the pool at the end of the night. I'm reading a book called Veil of Roses, and I enjoyed it while I was cooling off after my swim. There's really nothing like getting in the pool at the end of the day.

Today, I meant to wake up and run 6 miles. I was intimidated by the predicted low of 76* (who runs when it's that hot?) so I decided to go to the gym. Happily, I did eight miles on the elliptical. So I'll do the six tomorrow outside. Hopefully outside. Now: dinner. Next: Sleep.


A Bonus Post: Things Liz Learned Today

  • Running in the heat is hard work. Running with someone makes everything better.

  • When Brooks upgraded from the Axiom 2 to the Axiom 3, they made the shoelaces shorter. It's not because of my OCD that I know that either.

  • Shoes really are cheaper at some other websites. Wow.

  • Anyone who's ever exercised to music knows why this sounds like a great idea. In real life, not so much. I'm now missing half my iTunes library. And it's not going to come back voluntarily.

  • When my iPod doesn't talk to the computer, it's actually the computer that needs a restart

  • Hydrate!

Sarah's visit and a running update

It's come to my attention that I've neglected this little blog for a while. Perhaps I'm nervous that I gave the address to so many family members who will only want running updates that I'm not posting regular updates too. Perhaps I'm nervous for certain family members (read: Mom, Dad, or anyone who would report back to them) to have too much information about my day to day life. Not that I'm doing anything bad up here. I've just become accustom to a certain level of privacy.

Last weekend, Sarah came to town. And ran me from pillar to post. No, seriously, I had a great weekend. I was feeling lonely for out of town people for a while, although the friends who live up here take good care of me. I haven't seem Mom and Dad since Christmas, and anyone from my family since February. We had great weather the whole weekend.

I was so worn out by the end of the weekend, it took me most of the week to recover and so I did not run very much. Luckily it was a "step down" week for Marathon training. Thursday the people I run with surprised me with balloons, coffee, and an awesome birthday cake that was drenched in butter (my favorite ingredient) at the end of the run. About half way into the run, two of them took off and one stayed back with me. I kept thinking, "what is wrong with me, why can't I keep up with them?" And then I had to stop and walk for other reasons. After Beth and Jenna sprinted to Beth's house and came back with balloons, I understood and felt a little better about my speed abilities.

Today was my first run with the Bolder Options marathon team. We started running at 8am this morning. It was hot. So hot that we unanimously agreed to meet earlier next week. Fortunately, next week we're running along the river and should enjoy more shade than Lake Calhoun and Lake of the Isles affords.

So how did Sarah entertain me while she was here?

First, I made her someone else decided we should get up at 5:30am to go running at 6:00am on Saturday morning. It was actually a beautiful run around Lake Nokomis. We saw some great shore birds around the lake. Afterwords, I figured I should give Sarah coffee as a peace offering.

Then Sarah decided it would be fun if I wore my hair down for the day. The three of us (Sarah, me, and my hair) went over to Lock and Dam 1 for some sight seeing and pictures. It was a gorgeous day. My hair did not stay down for long by the way.

Then we went over to the Como Zoo and Conservatory. The Conservatory was nice but the zoo was mildly crowded with screaming children. Maybe they weren't screaming. Maybe they were just happy and running around. I don't have kids so I don't understand all their movement and noise. I've been told it's harmless.

By that point, Sarah and I decided it was too hot to do much else. We had some Pho for lunch and then sat around the pool all afternoon. We took a brief walk around Lake Nokomis at sunset (yes, it really is that pretty right here in the city). Then we went to the Riverview for a movie that night.

The next day, Kelly and I took Sarah to Maria's for breakfast. Yum. Corn pancakes. Then I had to take Sarah for the obligatory trip to the Mall of America that is required for all out-of-town visitors to the Twin Cities. I tried to convince Sarah those shoes were "her", but in real life they look like they belong on a comic book character. I couldn't try them on because I surely would have fallen down.

Sunday we went to Bar Abilene for dinner for food with our Margaritas. After someone made guacamole right at our table and we ate, we went next door to watch the new Star Trek movie. That may be my favorite of all the Star Trek movies and that's really saying something. (The one with the whales is pretty good too.)

Monday morning, Amanda met us at Longfellow Grill for breakfast lunch, some meal or other. Then we took Sarah back to the airport and sent her on her way. I understand this week she may be at a wedding showing off the tan we got at the pool.


I'm back in a big way

I spent the greater part of this week feeling like I was going to die. I wasn't sick, I was just sooooo tired. I just kept waking up late, working, coming home and sleeping. Notice how there was no running? I did too. A couple different people pointed out that I was probably anemic and that I should eat red meat. I'll keep that in mind the next time I feel this way.

Wednesday, I finally felt mostly alive so I went for a semi-long run at the Y. I did six miles of sprints and then went another mile just for fun. Then I got in the pool and swam laps. I love the pool.

Yesterday I was unable to run because we had a birthday party (yes, at 5:30am) instead. I got in to work just after the party at 6:40am.

Today, I went for a run around Lake Nokomis and Lake Hiawatha. I had a sweet view of this ginormous blue heron sleeping on top of the railing on the dock. Sweet. When I got back, I hooked up my iPod to download both runs and found out my little iPod and I have traveled over 1,000 miles together. Cool.