Job description: Intersted parites may apply

Position available: the perfect guy.

The truth: A person I work with is from a culture where parents are involved in helping their children select a person to marry. The colleague left me a really funny message that she wanted to look for a match for me since there are so many more options available. (Since this person is from a particular culture, they are limited to prospective candidates of the same culture and thus a smaller pool of candidates.)

The message she left was so funny (Amanda, you've got serious competition) that I called her back right away. She told me to write a list and give it to her the next day. I thought, "we'll, that's one way of asking the universe for help..." And so I wrote the following list. It was really fun.

Then I told Amanda about it and she requested that I put it up so she could read the unabridged version. Anything I missed that I should add?

Smoking - Smoking is not acceptable. Past history of smoking acceptable as long as person has already successfully quit.

Alcohol use - Moderate social use is acceptable and encouraged. Drinking several times a week or binge drinking is not encouraged. Having a large supply of alcohol in the home is also not encouraged.

Drug use - Illegal drug use (even pot) is not acceptable. History of illegal drug use may be considered as long as individual has been sober for 1 year. Abuse of legal prescribed drugs is similarly unacceptable and same sobriety requirements apply.

Food - A picky eater, by that I mean someone who will only go to one or two restaurants because they have "normal food", is not acceptable. Dislike of certain foods (examples: tomatoes, mayonnaise, any German food other than beer is acceptable). Must also be supportive of my vegetarian leanings. Vegetarianism is not required. Veganism is a little scary.

Gender equality - Must do own laundry. After marriage, agrees to split duty of sheets, towels, guest laundry and laundry from any children. Agrees to participate in meals by preparing the meal or cleaning up on a regular basis. Agrees to split responsibility for cleaning the house in an equitable manner. Specific duties and menus may be negotiated. Cooking skills are not required.

Standards of cleanliness - Must have standard of cleanliness similar or "more clean" than my own. Clutter is frowned upon. Hoarding will not be tolerated. Habits of cleanliness which result in rodent, insect or mold infestation is similarly not tolerated.

Pets - Fish are acceptable. Any other currently living pet may be negotiated. After the marriage, no new dogs, cats, or winged animals or animals classified as rodents, arachnids or serpents may be introduced without written approval and a three week waiting period. Bringing home a "cute dog that needed a home" is not acceptable at any time.

Financial - Money values similar to my own. Money is a resource and should be saved appropriately and spent wisely. That said, money is there to serve me (or "us") and should be spent as indicated and not hoarded. Preferably no credit card debt. Student loans, mortgage and car payments are acceptable.

Education - Smart is sexy. Preferably college educated or higher. If no college degree, a positive attitude and willingness to participate in "learning experiences" like community talks may be substituted as appropriate. Must be supportive of my education. Geekiness is a plus.

Vocational - Must be employed (by self or others). A stable work history is highly desirable. A job with compatible hours with my own is also desirable. Chosen vocation must not have serious health consequences such as black lung disease or cancer. A profession other than a social worker is highly desirable.

Problem solving - Ability to remain calm and address problem objectively is desirable. Must be able to handle a crisis without asking, "if you were me what would you do" in a needy voice. Yelling, inappropriate language and threats during a crisis are not acceptable. Physical violence will not be tolerated. Drawing on faith and spirituality as a resource is highly encouraged.

Desired location (where I would like to live) - Preferably south Minneapolis. Southwest Minneapolis, Northeast Minneapolis and certain neighborhoods in St. Paul are also acceptable. Suburbs are generally not acceptably. Rural areas will be given consideration but are not desirable given current gas prices and traffic congestion issues. If desiring to move out of the city/state, new location may be negotiated based on proximity to family and friends and employment prospects (and schools if applicable). Residency restrictions do not apply before cohabitation.

Leisure time - Preference for time spent at home or with a small group of friends. Time spent with large groups of people, or people who are loose acquaintances in moderation. Each individual is also encouraged to maintain friendships outside the relationship and encouraged to participate in "girls night" activities ("guys night" activities) and similar appropriate gatherings with friends. Outdoor activities such as walking around the lakes, exercise, or canoeing are highly encouraged.

Hobbies and interest - An individual who has a hobby, interest or special talent is desirable. Interests that are likely to result in death or serious maiming are not desirable (examples: marksmanship, extreme cage fighting, extreme skiing, sky diving). Similarly undesirable are hobbies that require a second vehicle (motor boat, race car, truck to tow motorboat, motorcycle.) Canoeing and kayaking are highly encouraged. Any activity related to camping and/or caving are also highly desirable. "Geeky" hobbies are highly encourage and supported. Tolerance for the amount of time I spend on a computer is required.

Health and fitness - A full physical is not required. Any chronic, communicable, or fatal disease or disorder must be communicated. Regular exercise is encouraged. If not a regular athlete, individual will offer support for my exercise habits including cheering at running races and continued gym membership for at least myself.

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