What a nice day off

The best part of my day was when I didn't have to go to the City of Minneapolis to get the condo homesteaded. Apparently, it's already set up that way. I'm not asking questions.

I did some grocery shopping and packed lunch for the week (soup and salad) and saw my little mentee. She has to make a decision about whether she can actually fit Bolder Options into her life. We'll see. And obviously, I played bridge all day on yahoo. While I was doing that, I found some great things on the web:

Most useful open source applications and the best web applications too. What is Windows Live? I'm amazed that Windows made a top 100 list for anything good.

For Amanda and Kelly who like to read, books that scientists think are life changing. I didn't recognize many of them, but maybe you will.

Some types of skin cancer are more lethal than others. Remember the story of Alicia kissing me? The kid who came up to her and said, "you have to go do something or I'm gonna beat the crap out of this kid.." his name was Tim and he actually died of a lesion on his scalp when he was in high school. I've known other people who've had skin cancer in other places on their bodies and it was much less scary. Tim is also Chris' cousin (of Chris, the guy who used to be my boyfriend and I'm still good friends with him)

And finally, I just want you to know that this mildly not safe for work comic actually works if a girl is holding the guitar too. When I took my guitar with me to Malawi I learned that a girl who can play the guitar gets at least as many guys as a girl with a big rack, it's knowing what to do once you've got them....

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  1. That is the same type of cancer as my mom. Of course, hers occurred on the back of her thigh...not her head.