Reasons not to drink

Lizzie's reasons not to drink:
1. I'm on my period.
2. It gives me a migraine.
3. Even the day after the migraine, nothing good happens.
4. I forgot to run my dishwasher.
5. I couldn't show you all the great things I saw yesterday for earth day.

Instead, I'll show you all the things I say yesterday (and today) right now:
25 trees I could never grow.
The funniest and some of the most unfortunate signs I've seen in a while. Love the one on the lava field. I didn't even get through the entire list before writing this.
In honor of earth day, the best Green sites on the web. What is this Grist?
How to have a computer and still not kill the environment.
I never really liked Dove soap anyways, At least now I know why it smells so funny.
Cool "Green" Ads. Maybe that's what I should have done with my life.
I didn't realize the housing market was that bad in Minneapolis until I saw this article. That's a really big number for us. Wow.
50 ways to save the environment. How many do you do? I counted 34. I can't get all the way to 50 because I don't care for my lawn, have a fireplace or have anyone who wears diapers.
For Amanda because she did a really good job this week, An atlas of the human body. It looks cool, haven't been all the way through it yet though.
Yet another reason I'm glad I am in Minnesota where we don't pull crap like this.
Also for Amanda and for me too, What happens when people make decisions we don't agree with, especially about their health and their care. I haven't read the whole thing (do you see a theme here?) but it seems salient.

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