I'll try for two in a row tomorrow

Today was a long and challenging day. I got some bad news at the end which I'll have to deal with tomorrow.

I'm not sure but I think I got my student loan straightened out. The stupid loan place that does the billing never sent my e-bills or a paper bill but had no problems getting in touch with me when there was a late fee. Seriously. You can't not send the bill and then try to charge a late fee. As always, the University of Minnesota One Stop Center continued with their stellar customer service. (No seriously, they are really good. It's the people billing for their loan that made the mistake.)

I went home and ran. I meant to do that in the morning but it didn't work out. I had some sleeping issues and was up in the middle of the night. In the middle of my run I saw one of the POs I used to work with so I ran about a mile with him. He's fast. Lizzie: not so much. But it does give me something to work up to.

I'm trying to wear myself out before work tomorrow so I'll be in a great state of mine when I have to make my phone calls. I'm hoping to run again, either outside again or at the Y. I always start with the best of intentions...

Meanwhile, I did find some great things on the web today:
The real problem with identity theft. I knew there'd be a white guy behind it somewhere.

Food's really expensive. Best argument for being a vegan ever. Two things at this point. 1. Firefox does not know the word "vegan" and thinks it's misspelled. Firefox also does not know it's own name and thinks that's misspelled as well. 2. I don't think I'll become a vegan any time soon. Especially not after the salmon I had for dinner.

Just another way white environmentalist keep the black man down. For shame. I'd like to point out that in many old, mostly white neighborhoods, lead poising is a real danger because the houses of the old rich white people were painted with lead paint for years. They're not using this stuff in those places. Seriously. "The idea that sludge... can turn into something harmless, even if swallowed"... Wow.

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