Firefox 3 first impressions

I decided now would be as good a time as any to upgrade to Firefox 3 (beta 5). Here's my thoughts. By the way, point 1 in the positive side pretty much outweighs the entire rest of the list.

Things I love:

  • Don't know a URL, or only know part of it? No problem, type what you know in the address bar. Firefox will do the work for you. Awesome. Start typing a url or title of a web page. Firefox will find it and auto complete

  • My news reader still works. I had a prolonged moment of panic and regret when I thought I was going to be sans reader until an update. Never fear, WizzRSS made a beta reader to go along with the firefox beta.

  • Not sure if this is cute or annoying, but when I went to about:config for the first time, it asked me if I knew what I was doing and if I promised to be good.

Things that I'm not wild about (yet)

  • The "new tab" button is upside down. (Not the whole button, just the graphic.) No, seriously.

  • The amazing number of extensions that don't work with the beta release. Notably missed are Greasemonkey, McAfee Site Advisor and I'm sure I'll start missing AdBlock in short order too. That one will change with time though. Those extensions are too good and wildly popular to not work for long.

  • For some reason, Firefox imported a really old list of my bookmarks. Luckily I just saved them all and exported them to a file before the upgrade so I had the new ones.

  • Not loving the new "organize bookmark" interface because it won't let me move folders around all the different ways I want to move them.

  • The weird "back button" that's not the same shape or size as the "forward" button or any of the rest of the buttons. I know I have OCD but come on. Were people having so much trouble finding the button before that we had to make it a different size and shape from all the other buttons?

  • Spell checker on beta 3 doesn't know the word "Firefox". No, seriously. It suggests "firebox" and "fire-fox". It doesn't know it's own name anymore. How sad.

  • No color in the default theme. Or did they only do this in the mac version?

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