Every muscle in my body is saying, "seriously?"

Why? Because I ran last night and I ran again this morning. (I know, it is good that I could get up early.) Oh, wait, the running, that was good too. My body doesn't think so any more. By the way, in addition to "Firefox" and "vegan", we also don't know how to spell "doesn't" and "wasn't". I'm thinking it's the apostrophes.

I had a hard phone call to make this morning and I needed to be in a really good state of mind to do it. So I ran a lot. Seemed like the best thing.

After work I went over to Amanda's and had taco salad with her and Kelly and Alyssa who took the shackles of law school off for the night and came out to play (Man, I remember those days.) I hit a point in the evening, about the time my whole body got tired where I felt like I had to leave. To my credit I stayed to help with dishes. My contribution was finding more and more dishes to put in the sink for Amanda to wash. Then I left.

I did laundry (which badly needed to be done) and poked around on the internet. I found this story which makes me really sad and also hoping that the restaurant is still open on May 1st when my "month of not eating out" is complete. Or maybe I should tell Kelly that instead of paying me back for Green Mill, she should buy that for dinner next week. (Hmm, I think I just did tell Kelly that.) The no-eating-out rule only applies if I spend the money. Although I guess that is my money so it wouldnt' really work.

Since today is April 15th and it's almost midnight, it's really half the month. All I want is the iPod voice girl to say "half way point". I'll just have to do with this voice instead.

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  1. Saigon is still open!? Holy moly, Rocky! I'll be eating there soon.