Long Run Wednesday - I want this to be the ONLY time this ever happens

Plan: Originally - long run on Thursday morning before a 9am meeting.
Back up - Oh look, that meeting is at 8am!  Consider running inside for 6 miles and finishing on the elliptical
Actual - Well, it's only 60 laps for 10 miles.  See how many laps you can actually run, and then finish on the elliptical if needed, but try for all 60.
Route: Indoor track, 6 laps is a mile.  I never want to do this again.
Weather: Raining cats and dogs outside.  I very much remembered this run in the rain and kept thinking I should just give it a go.  But alas, today's rain was heavy enough to drive me inside.
Wardrobe: A pair of shorts that I think I should retire because wow! chaffing, short sleeve shirt, and NB Minimus shoes which steal my heart every time I wear them.
Execution: This went significantly better than expected.  I did run all 60 laps on the track. I never could've pulled that off if I'd planned to do it a minute longer than 'I pulled in the parking lot, it was raining to beat the band and it seemed worth a shot'. I kept my heart rate very low and even which is a definite plus of the track.
Nutrition: I did not have water or food.  For 150 minutes.  I guess I'm legit fat adapted.  As an aside, I wasn't hungry at all when I was done, and I had to order bite squad to ensure ate I anything.  I ate about half of what I ordered. 

Bonus: I thought I'd turned off my GPS when I started this run.  No.  I did not.  So my pace data is 10 kinds of screwed up. But I have this very entertaining map of my route.  I'm calling it a draw.
I think in the end, it was about 8.5 miles around 14:00/mile, Avg HR 137.  I'll take running for 2hrs at an HR of 137.

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