Running Gear - Tuesdays on the Run

The Tuesdays on the Run topic is one we should all talk about.

What running gear do you also use for non-running activities?

Compression Socks.

If I'm in a position to wear socks to work, it's almost always my compression socks. I don't know why I'd wear anything else.  They are warm in the winter.  They keep me from aching in the summer.  Perfect!
I wear them on planes.  I wear them on trains.  But I do not wear them with my Mary Janes.  (In the summer, I often wear Mary Janes to work.  Otherwise, I am go for fun socks.)

  • I think 100% of my compression socks are from these guys.  
  • If you are in the market, I recommend friending ProCompression on Facebook because they give out insane coupon codes.   
  • True story, I only own one pair of the "dress socks" even though I wear these to work more than I even wear them to run in.  
  • I feel like Agent Booth every time I wear funny socks under serious work clothes. 

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