MAF Week 2 - I hate MAF

After a very successful week, I got my period and running has fallen apart.  WTF.

Route: As previously reported, out and back around Lake Nokomis
Watch Program: 135-145bpm
Minutes Run: 55:05
Average Pace: 13:15/mile
Average BPM:140

Route: Around Lake Nokomis, only one time, no out and back
Watch Program: 135-145
Minutes Run: 31:25
Average Pace: 14:34/mile, this is where the suck fest really began
Average BPM: 144

Route: Treadmill
Watch Program: None?
Minutes Run: 17:33
Average Pace: 13:57 according to my watch, but it was actually faster b/c treadmills confus my watch
Average BPM: 137bpm
Thoughts: I felt like crap on this day.  I ran my mile and skipped weight lifting. 

Route: 1 mile neighborhood run
Watch Program: None
Minutes Run: 16:16
Average Pace:12:56 - why is this the only day I could run at a normal pace?
Average BPM: 133bpm

Route: My four mile route
Watch Program: 135-145bpm
Minutes Run: 49:03
Average Pace: 14:02/mile, why can't I go faster?!?
Average BPM:  143bpm
Thoughts: This run was also in the afternoon, and also hot, and also slow, and also sucked.

Route: Adventure run in Big Lake
Watch Program: 135-145bpm
Minutes Run: 38:29
Average Pace: Fucking slow.  What is wrong with me? 14:56
Average BPM: 143
Thoughts: This was a hot run, and I was in capris and shorts.  Because those were the emergency running clothes I had packed.
Also, there were two giant puddles I had to run through.  Because flooding in the wet lands.
This run sucked.  I want to go faster.

Route: My four mile route
Watch Program: 135-145bpm
Minutes Run: 48:05
Average Pace: 13:39 - this is moving in the right direction but not perfect
Average BPM:143

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