Flying Pig 5K

Plan: Keep it even and enjoy the down hill at the end.

Route: The 5K stays on the Cincinnati side, but does technically involve a category 5 climb (all the races do).  I was really looking forward to the last mile.

Weather: Garmin says 46* and 3mph winds.  It was sunny and a great day for running.

Wardrobe: Happy pants, yellow socks, arm sleeves and a tank.  Mom's instructions were that I had to be easy to spot, and this was the best outfit for that, even though the tank was a bit cool.

Execution: I found that race walker again, Gary, and we were able to work together this race as well to get things done.

Nutrition: I did eat at least once in this race, a bite of Larabar and a drink of water.

Bonus: Olive got my favorite runner pic of me ever in life.

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