Whole30 Day 3

Pre workout and post workout meals: Pre workout was a spoonful of almond butter that did not go down well.  During the run was a Larabar.  Post run is a long story, but we'll say a smoothie of cashew milk, banana, blueberries, blackberries and coconut.

Breakfast: Sweet potatoes with eggs and pancetta.   It takes a long time for sweet potatoes to cook.

Lunch: Remember that smoothie that I listed as a post run meal.  It was my lunch too.  Because that's the way timing worked out today.

Dinner: Shrimp salad with avocado and homemade dressing.

Snacks: I introduced the Qat Lady to Costco roasted seaweed which is technically legal, though it is cooked in Canola oil  We also tried tinned oysters and I decided I won't be doing that again.

Exercise: 14 miles run, yoga after the run.  I am exhausted.

Shopping: None today, though I have a note that UPS delivered my macadamia nuts to the drop station.

Cooking: Other than above, I got wise and roasted some potatoes and sweet potatoes for the week.  I made myself some chia seed pudding for breakfast tomorrow. And I cooked a chicken breast and cut it into strips for a few different lunches.

Thoughts:  Mistakes were made here.  Not 'oh no, I have to start again at day 1' kind of mistakes.  I think I could've cooked more food ahead of time.  Especially potatoes and sweet potatoes. I had a hard time with the post run meal because I didn't have any pre-made carbs.  And I realistically have like one lunch packed for the week.
Also, the Qat Lady is on day 1 today.  And apparently was having a massive low blood sugar.  My Pooky Bear walked in and said "didn't you teach me that your brain runs on carbohydrates".  A sweet potato perked her right up. 

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