Whole30 Day 14

Pre workout and post workout meals: None.  I didn't work hard enough.
Breakfast: Chia seed pudding with tons of berries.  I love all of the fruit
Lunch: Same as every other day this week.  I wonder what I could try differently next week?
Supper: Tilapia crusted in almond flour and fried in ghee, sweet potatoes, green beans.
Snacks: Smoothie of bananas, almond milk and coconut in the middle of the afternoon becuase I was hungry after lunch.
Exercise: 1 mile run outside.  4 mile walk with a friend before dinner.  (If i hadn't had the smoothie, I would've eaten my arm off.)
Shopping: Went to the co op for fish and other staples.
Cooking: What's mentioned above, plus I oven baked and froze a bunch more sweet potatoes.  I need to do regular potatoes tomorrow.
Thoughts: I left the Whole30 Facebook group.  All of it is people telling you you're doing Whole30 wrong.
I found the part in the book that describes the 'stages of whole30' and that is actually pretty hilarious.
I'm trying to study ahead for 're-entry'.
And yes, I miss ice cream hard.  That's not something I crave at any other time, so I don't know why I want it so bad right now.

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