Whole30 Day 13

Pre workout and post workout meals: A few hazelnuts pre run.  I got a bad hazelnut in the bunch and that was not fun.  Larabar post workout.

Breakfast: Chia seed pudding with bananas and berries

Lunch: Apples, chicken, cut up veggies, hard boiled egg

Supper: Hamburger (no bun) with a fried egg on top and some smoked fish, side of potatoes and sweet potatoes.  Because I am hungry and that workout was hard.

Snacks: Only the pre/post workout meals

Exercise: 6 mile tempo run, lift weights. 

Shopping: None.

Cooking: None.  I barely got dinner cooked.

Thoughts: So, I tried a heavier than normal deadlift at the gym, and I did it fine without hurting myself, but I got that lightheaded/sick feeling after.  Maybe I should learn to breathe better?
I'm at the point where I've said no thank you to a dinner invitation because it was at a restaurant and I knew there's no way a Mexican restaurant has any Whole30 compliant food I want to eat.
The thing that strikes me most is how many of these 13 nights I've gone to bed with the dishes legit done.  Who am I? 

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