Flying Pig 6 Weeks To Go: Step back week

Planned: 1-5 miles run easy, lift weights
Actual: 3.25 miles run outside on the Greenway with a, um, stop in the middle.  TRX/Kettlebell class for weights.

Planned: 1-5 miles run, easy
Actual: 4.17 miles, ave HR 143 for the running portion.  I'm feeling much better than yesterday. Yoga at the end of the day.

Planned: Speed work, Lift weights
Actual: Speed work is w/u, 9x 1:00 hard, 1:30 rest, c/d.  This was a slower speed session especially the last 3, but I'd taken a week off with whole30 and didn't look at my watch at all during the run.  Also, something is up with my watch.  I'm fairly certain my heart rate was never 212 on this run. Lifted weights downtown in the middle of the day.

Planned: 1 mile run.  Maybe Zumba?
Actual: 1.21 miles outside in the morning.  Zumba with friends in the evening.

Planned: Tempo run (148-160bpm), Lift weights
Actual: Running was w/u 1 mile, then mile splits of 12:44, 12:17, 11:15; 11:01, c/d 1 mile.  Lift weights at downtown gym.

Planned: 1 mile run
Actual: 1.21 miles run outside.  Bonus walk around Lake Hiawatha to see the owls.

Planned: Speed work , maybe Zumba?
Actual: Per usual, I totally slept through Zumba.  I did do the speed work out.  I may have to start putting that word in quotes.  Same as Tuesday.

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