3 Wishes

Thanks to Tuesdays on the Run for the topic:
What 3 Running Wishes would you make?

I agree that this sounded easy until I thought about it for a minute.  My current wishes are:

1. I wish Elm Creek Park or Baker (or both really) were plowed in the winter.  Because I miss them.
2. I'm so over the construction at the Sculpture Garden which I see every time I run from the downtown gym.  I wish that was over and done.
3. Insert a general wish about running faster so I could train for a marathon again.  Because that's honest.  But also something I think I have in my power to change.

Also, the weather right now is so good that I ran outside in shorts and a shirt.  It was raining, but I was legit in shorts.  So I feel like several of my running wishes have been granted this season.

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