Long Run Sunday: This loop needs a name

Plan: Run 10 miles. Keep the heart rate low.

Route: I need to name this route so I can tag it on my blog.  Head out along the creek.  Go north along the river.  Come back in on the Greenway.  And then back through the neighborhood.  I did it the first time here, and then made peace with the route here and one last time last summer. 

Weather: It was about 35* with 95% humidity.  I wish I was joking. Not really rain, but there was some fog.  Wind was out of the north, 7mph.  I was a bit cold along the river, but otherwise good.  I wore unlined tights, a shirt and windbreaker, and long socks.  I also tested out my new hydration belt.

Execution: I kept my heart rate really low, like Z2 low, until I hit the Greenway.  While I was running, I was so proud of myself.  And then I got home and saw how freaking slow I was.  And I felt really bad.  I'm so confused. I ran with a program on my watch that alerts me if my heart rate goes too low (less than 130) or too high (over 152) and it was beeping a lot once I got on in the last couple miles.  Apparently, we know where my endurance ends.

Nutrition: I carried water and had a few sips every time I ate.  I had Energy Chews and ate some at miles 3 and 7.  I did not eat before I left the house.

Bonus: Ice and snow were melting all over the place.  I'm surprised my feet stayed as dry as they did.  And we're naming this the CreekRiverGreenwayLoop for the blog.  I'll go back and tag the old posts so I can find them.  While this route goes along the river, there aren't a lot of river views, and the course itself isn't terribly photographic.

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