November Running Slump

Each year, I ramp up to big races in October.

And then I fall off the training wagon in November.  And it's a freaking pleasure.  Here's how things have been going so far.

One mile per day - still happening
Anything else - not really happening
Goal: get mildly back into running with my annual "Turkey Trot" (not a race, just something I do by myself)

Once/week - usually I'm taking a walk with a friend at least once/week, sometimes more.  That's been a fantastic addition to my life.
Goal: If it's nice, keep it outside.  If it's meh, maybe the track at the gym.

Weight Lifting:
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays - have become my weight lifting day.  I'm swinging kettle bells all 3 days.  Soon I will have rock hard abs.  If only you could see them under all the hamburgers I've eaten in October.
Goal: Keep it up! 

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