Thoughts on Running with Discipline

Or we could call this "thoughts on actually using a plan"

A while ago I read this post. One of the things the writer mentions specifically is doing the same workouts or the same kinds or workouts on the same day of the week.  It really stuck with me.  After the slight catastrophe that was Lola's I decided training with an actual plan might be a good idea, and I'd give it a try in the four weeks leading up to Red White and Boom.   (Recaps: week 1, week 2, week 3: step back and week 4: taper.)

Basic plan:
Sunday: Long run
Monday: Hills or Trails
Tuesday: Low heart rate run + lift weights (usually lifting is TRX/Kettlebell classes)
Wednesday: 1 mile run (not a full rest day because the running streak is also important)
Thursday: Semi-long run/tempo run.  This seems to be the day of the week I care less about heart rate.
Friday: 1 mile run
Saturday: Speed work
Step back weeks: (every fourth week) cut the mileage on Sunday and Thursday and turned Monday into an easy run.

What I Liked:
Workouts the day after the long run: Running hills the day after the long run was a stupid training move and I hate myself for it.  Running hills the day after the long run was a great training move and I think it made me a lot stronger.   It's also taught me some discipline because getting started on some of those workouts was really hard.
Plans: Having a specific training plan is a good idea.  I could see how long runs and speed workouts were progressing, even just over 4 weeks.
Specific workouts: Having specific goals for each workout is also a good idea.  I'd always used this training plan or adapted it for half marathon training.  Thinking about speed or heart rate or hills or trails for each workout gave me much more focus than just worrying about miles/day and miles/week.

What I'd Like to Add: 
Lifting: I always want to add another day of weight lifting or similar.  It feels like it should be added on Friday.  My body says yes, but my brain is all WTF.  That would be ridiculous.
Stretch/yoga/other: I don't have any days specifically for stretching, yoga, or some other kind of work.  I think Wednesday or Friday could be used for that purpose but I haven't figured how to work it out yet. I can do yoga on a rest day.  Right?

What I'm looking forward to:
Hills or Trails: Hills/trails Monday needs to stay part of the training plan, as hard as it is for me to get off my butt on Mondays.
New running spots: I  have fallen in love with Baker Park Reserve.  I would never have predicted that.
Speed: I found a speed progression for half marathon training.  I'm going to use it even though my next race is a 10-miler. Speed work officially starts in two weeks. 
Distance: I will try to keep my long runs over 10 miles, and my semi-long runs 8-10 miles.  I ran one or two runs over half marathon distance in this training cycle and was very glad I did.  It helped my endurance at the end of RWB a lot.

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