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This is a few Tuesdays late, but a topic near and dear to my heart:
Tuesdays on The Run: Where to get your gear.

Step 1 is to get fit at a local running store.  In Twin Cities my favorite is Run n Fun(They partner with Bolder Options so they are automatically wonderful.)  In Cincinnati, the best place is Ronkers.  Long term - Amazon, REI, REI Outlet and other sites.  Once I know the brand, model, size, etc, I order online.  I tend to find 'last year's models' in the ugliest colors available, but super discounted.  Having ugly running shoes is a badge of honor.

Outlets: The Nike Outlet has so much of my money it's ridiculous.  Mostly for pants.  I've also had surprisingly good luck at the Adidas Outlet store.
Marhsalls/TJ Maxx/Ross etc: I tend to be able to find really good basics at these stores.

Specialty - my favorites:  Sometimes affordability is the most important thing in running clothes. And then sometimes it's worth paying a bit more for exactly the perfect thing.
Graphic tees, shorts, skirts - InkNBurn Last year I badly wanted that Christmas Sweater Running Shirt.  I did the pre order and found it totally worth the massive amount of money I paid.
Skirts - Skirt Sports is a new favorite of mine.  I run in these but also lounge around, take walks, and hang out in them.  Totally legit.
Minimal Shoes - Skora shoes have been a favorite of mine for a while.  They do sometimes have sales or run specials so the site is worth checking.
More good gear - 2xu Outlet is an online outlet that also has a lot of my money. I have several of their jackets and the old tri shorts are a favorite of mine.  I will wear them until they disintegrate.
Compression Gear - ProCompression makes great compression socks.  I wear them for work, for fun, for laying on the couch, and I have several designs.  It's worth liking their Facebook page becuase they will put huge discount codes on there.

Honorable mention:
Joes New Balance Outlet has crazy good deals and I have used them before.  I find their website a bit under-developed.  Even with the advanced search, the sorting mechanisms are useless.  I find myself sorting through a bunch of crap I don't want to find anything I'd like.

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